Artist Statement


I like to capture the form and vitality of the colors in my imagination. I work from the vision of my feelings using quick gestures, turning them into "action poses" which I can relate to dance movement or emotions gestures.

I find that the medium, oil and acrylic on canvas lend itself easily to depicting emotional forms and their movements in space or hearts. I mix them to reach the silhouetted forms and let them fall in random arrangements until I see interesting interactions or formations of figures. I take an arrangement and combine it with any material like decorative papers, metallic films, fabric to improve the visual emotions and meaning of my work. The layers of these materials help to create a mood or act as a backdrop. The result is a one-of-a-kind paint, what I call “Mono-Paint” no way to be able to have two of a kind.

By this process I am able to capture a moment of comedy or irony in human interactions, the beauty and sublimity of an emotion pose, and sometimes the darker side of the human psyche. I feel I have glimpsed the human spirit in its different emotions and stage of our lives.

My intention is to recreate within the small framework, the specific moment caught by the camera of my memory or my heart. I attempt to express the personality of the person(s) or myself through vibrant colors and figures as the body language and the way we are positioned in relationship to each other and to express the feeling of the time or era in which we exist with atmosphere and color. I enhance the image by using my intuitive sense of the scene to imagine the colors that were there as the photo was snapped, and to bring to life the black and white image in my mind.

I feel that I am having a conversation with the images as I paint them. They open up to me as I mix the colors and figures and see the subtleties of their expressions and bearing. I then try to make that revelation part of the painting.

I also enjoy spoiling people who requests custom painting either for their homes or offices, they decide what and how they need or want and I create a new way to do art; what I call “Open Art” where I take their demands(any) and my style to have just one happy result …Paintings for People!!!

- Rossie Paz

* Disclaimer: It is possible that due to the variables computers programs, the Internet and the quality of my photos, the colors of my paintings may or may not be exactly as the original paintings.